Tiburon Naples Nearby Schools And Activities You Can Do

If you have decided to move to Naples, or if you are there currently, you may be looking at golf resort properties. It may take you a few days to go over the listings that you see, looking for one of the best locations. You will see the name Tiburon come up many times. They will likely have several listings. It’s a beautiful location, located in Central Naples, a place that is close to schools and many activities. If you have decided to relocate into one of these gated communities from your current home, this is why you should consider Tiburon in Naples.

Why Tiburon Naples Is A Great Place To Live

This is a wonderful place to live in the city of Naples. It is just a beautiful location. It is located on 800 acres in the center part of Naples, the perfect location for people that want access to the city, and a secluded spot to live. There are quite a few different properties for sale. This may include single-family homes, condominiums, villas, and even estates. You also get access to two beautiful golf courses and a long list of amenities as well as North Naples school districts.

Why The Golf Courses Might Motivate You To Move Here

One of the reasons you should move to this location is access to Greg Norman golf courses. Designed by this golf legend, you will get access to them. The membership fee is $60,000, along with monthly dues, but it is well worth every penny. You are paying $30,000 for each golf course which, by comparison to many of the other luxury golf communities, is an incredible bargain. The Black Course was the second one that was opened. It is more challenging than the first. Freshwater lakes, water hazards, and dogleg holes make this so hard to complete the good score. The Gold Course was opened three years prior. This is also challenging, sporting over 40 bunkers. There are annual PGA tours that are there, and Greg Norman himself will host the event, making it extra special.

Are There Any Schools Nearby?

Assuming that you have children, you will probably need to take them to school unless they are homeschooled. If public schools or private schools would be a better idea, there are several in the area. For example, you could take them to Pelican Marsh or Vineyards elementary school. These are both very nice. Further south there is Barron Collier High School for those that have older children. East Naples middle school is designed for kids that are in this age group. The benefit of all of the schools is that they are close to many of the gated communities including Tiburon.

Local Activities And Events Near Tiburon

There are several local activities and events that you can attend. That is because it is close to the city. During the winter, you can go to the Golisano Children’s Museum. This will have unique of performances for kids. There are daily programs there, and you can also go to the Hook Comedy Club if you would like to have a fun time with your significant other or spouse. 7th Avenue Social is another place for adults, along with the Blue Martini Lounge. These are just a few of the places where local events are happening near Tiburon.

Additional Activities That You May Want To Consider Doing

Additional activities will include excursions to the beach. You may want to goes fishing, boating, or kayaking. You can also spend the day at the beach, enjoying the beautiful sand on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. This is why many people come to this region because of the weather and the water. Finally, you can also spend time exploring. You are very close to Marco Island and the Everglades. It’s a fun-filled location for people of all ages, and Tiburon is a great place to live to experience it all.

If you have not yet decided on a place to live, Tiburon in Naples is a wonderful location to consider. It is certainly one of the best, and the golf courses can compete with all of the others. It has great amenities, homes, and memberships that will keep you busy. Best of all, if you are trying to find schools for your family, those are also close by. The activities that you can do in the city, plus access to shopping centers, restaurants, and the mall are all within driving distance from Tiburon.